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Listening in an occupational setting

Dear List,

I have not posted before but it is possible you may be able to give me some
guidance about a query I received recently.  I am a physician working in the
field of occupational medicine.  I have a particular interest in auditory
processing and it is for this reason that I was approached about the

A telephone operator had missed some important information and the query
was, 'Are there any ways of testing an individual's fitness for the job-as
far as ability to catch all necessary auditory information is concerned.'  I
am aware that listening tests (rather than only audiograms) exist but am not
knowledgeable enough to know which, if any, might be appropriate.  I
appreciate that there can be many other factors that contribute to missing
information over the phone.  I am not aware (following a brief search) of
studies looking at listening skills, using listening tests, in the
occupational setting and would value any thoughts or suggestions in this
area.  Given the growth of call centre work I think there is potential for
some very interesting studies.

With thanks,

Nicola Miller