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10th Rhythm Perception and Production Workshop July 2-6 2005

Dear Auditory List,

We would like to extend to you the announcement of the

10th Rhythm Perception and Production Workshop (RPPW2005), July 2-6, 2005

at Landcommanderij Alden Biesen (Bilzen, Belgium)

The workshop is an opportunity for experts in Rhythm Perception and
Production to discuss their ongoing experimental and theoretical work with
expert colleagues. The workshop has an interdisciplinary character, with a
focus on cognitive and experimental psychology and music research, but also
welcoming contributions from other domains (e.g. linguistics, computer
science, neurosciences,...).

Participation will happen on invitation by the organizing committee on the
basis of the submission of an abstract. The abstract should count between
200 and 400 words and must be send to rppw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx before April 15,

For further information, please, consult:
and http://www.alden-biesen.be

The organizers
Leon van Noorden
Dirk Moelants