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Re: F0 difference limens for unresolved harmonics

Hello David and others,

I don't know if there is a consensus on two separate pitch mechanisms, but
a paper with strong arguments of two cues (missing fundamental and
spectrally cued) by Renken et al.:
R. Renken, J.E.C. Wiersinga-Post, S. Tomaskovic and H. Duifhuis (2004):
"Dominance of missing fundamental versus spectrally cued pitch: Individual
differences for complex tones with unresolved harmonics." JASA 115 (5), p.

They conclude that the pitch percept is dominated by the missing
fundamental if the harmonics are resolved. If the harmonics become
unresolved and are added in Schroeder phase, the dominance shifts to a
spectrally cued pitch.