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Re: F0 difference limens for unresolved harmonics

Dear David,

In our 2002 paper (involving the same stimuli than in Shackleton and
Carlyon 1994) we found DLs for unresolved harmonics of about 5% before
training and about 2% after training. 
This paper support the hypothesis that two different underlying mechanisms
mediate the encoding of the F0 of resolved und unresolved harmonics.



Grimault N, Micheyl C, Carlyon RP, Collet L (2002) "Evidence for two pitch
encoding mechanisms using a selective auditory training paradigm" Perc.
Psychophys. 64, 189-197.

At 18:18 13/04/05 -0700, David Klein wrote:
>The 1994 JASA 95(6):3529 article of Shackleton and Carlyon indicates that
>the difference limen (DL) for the residue pitch (F0) of complex tones
>comprised only of unresolved harmonics is about 3%.  This works out to be
>about a half of a semitone.  Other similar data has been surprisingly
>tricky to track down.  Is there a consensus on this ballpark F0 DL for an
>unresolved harmonic complex?
>Also, is there a consensus on the existence of two separate pitch
>mechanisms? :-)
>-- David Klein
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