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virtual patients / audiology training tools

Dear list,

we are investigating into buying a simulated audiometer ("virtual
patient") for our BSc in Audiology students, and i'd be grateful if you
could share your experiences with current models and / or recommend one.

We are in particular concerned to find a model which can be programmed
to train different masking procedures, and which (ideally) is
user-friendly and flexible.

any other hints & tips for good teaching tools (webpages / demos /
textbooks / hardware / software) for audiology students are very
welcome, too!

with best regards, and many thanks,

Marina Rose, PhD

Lecturer in Audiology
School of Life and Health Sciences
Aston University
Birmingham B4 7ET, U.K.

tel. ++44 121 204 4136
email: m.m.rose@xxxxxxxxxxx