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Research position -- speech perception & dyslexia

A three-year Wellcome Trust-funded post is available for a Researcher with a
background in speech sciences and speech perception. The postholder will
assist in a study of the speech perceptual abilities of children with
dyslexia. The responsibilities will include recording and analyzing speech
stimuli, developing test materials, carrying out extensive speech perceptual
testing with children with dyslexia and controls, and data analysis. The
postholder will be working closely with the two investigators on this
project: Dr Valerie Hazan and Prof. Stuart Rosen. Experience with acoustic
analysis of speech and human subject testing is essential.

For more details see:


Stuart Rosen, Ph.D.
Professor of Speech and Hearing Science
Dept. of Phonetics & Linguistics
University College London
4  Stephenson Way
London NW1 2HE

Tel. (44 20) 7679 7404
Fax. (44 20) 7383 0752