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Re: Statistical evaluation of categorical data

We used a multinomal logistic regression: Drennan et al. 2003, JASA 114 (4),

Key references were:

Agresti, A.1990. Categorical Data Analysis Wiley, New York (see pp.
Long, J. S. 1997. ''Nominal outcomes: Multinomial logit and related models,''
in Regression Models for Categorical and Limited Dependent Variables
Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA pp. 148-178.

The analysis was done in SAS. It was pretty complicated. We consulted with a
statistics guru.
Viel Glueck, Ward

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Subject: Statistical evaluation of categorical data

Dear list,

I've got some categorical data (Yes/No responses) from ONE subject as
responses to acoustical stimuli under different conditions. Each
condition was repeated 60 times, shuffled with all conditions in one
experiment - just the method of constant stimuli. Four independent
variables control the conditions, 2-3 categories each one (some of them
are ordinal). Now I'd like to analyse the main effects and interactions
of all variables on the responses.

Do you know how to treat the data and which evaluation method am I
supposed to use? Can you point me to some references about evaluation of
this kind of data?

Thanks in advance,

Piotr Majdak

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