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Re: AUDITORY Digest - 3 May 2005 to 4 May 2005 (#2005-87)

I am seeking advice on the best sound cards for PCs for both recording and listening experiments.

The primary requirement is S/N on input and output. I know that long
Turtle Beach was a favorite, but I don't know what's best today.

Thanks -- Keith

One nice option is to skip internal sound cards and use a firewire or USB interface. This means you can move the recording interface easily. For music creation this seems to have almost (though not quite!) entirely replaced PCI cards.

You could look at the Motu 828 if you need lots of I/O.  That's what
we're using. Also some McGill folks us it.
A smaller popular unit is the MAudio Firewire 410.
Also for USB there are many options.  The Edirol UA-25 is ok.

Sweetwater's website is informative:  www.sweetwater.com. Then search
"motu 828" and "firewire 410" etc...

In any case, the quality of gear is very good right now. There's been
an explosion in home music recording thanks to good sequencing
software. This has forced manufacturers to offer good low-end
"prosumer" gear.  (A soundcard with good S/N and hi quality mic preamps
is no longer
something exotic.)  Specs should be available online (S/N etc.)

PS If you happen to be an Apple user, they seem to recommend the
M-Audio boxes (or maybe it's just a marketing agreement):

Good luck,