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Re: Sound cards

One consideration that may or may not concern you is jitter. About 4
years ago, I purchased a Turtle Beach card for auditory stimulus
presentation. Then, when my Neuroscan Stim system died, I looked to use
E-Prime and my TB sound card to present stimuli in auditory
event-related potential experiments.  I discovered that there was an
unacceptable degree of temporal jitter with this card. This was also
true for an external USB Edirol card which we were otherwise happy with
and continue to use for fMRI experiments.  The Sound Blaster card has
some respectable specifications and minimal jitter.


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>>> "Keith R. Kluender" <krkluend@xxxxxxxx> 05/04/05 12:55PM >>>
I am seeking advice on the best sound cards for PCs for both recording
listening experiments.

The primary requirement is S/N on input and output. I know that long
Turtle Beach was a favorite, but I don't know what's best today.

Thanks -- Keith

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