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Hi Brent,

When I was at House Ear Institute, everyone (clinicians and scientists)
had to undergo HIPAA training and incorporate HIPAA documents into the
informed consent process. We were given to understand that even
psychophyiscal measures were health-related information that needed to
be included in HIPAA.

Here at the University of Maryland, HIPAA hasn't entered the scene,
even in the Hearing and Speech clinic within our department.



M Chatterjee, PhD
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>>> Brent Edwards <brent@xxxxxxxxxxx> 5/12/2005 5:36:44 PM >>>
How are people incorporating HIPAA regulations in their basic auditory
research? If you measure someone's audiogram, speech understanding
ability or basic psychacoustic function as a part of your research, what
impact does HIPAA have on your procedures, such as data storage and
providing subjects with Notice of Privacy Practices? Comments are
appreciated. Thanks,