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PhD studentship opportunities in instrument and timbre modelling

Please Excuse Multiple Postings

Synthesising Consistent Instrument and Voice Sounds using
Physically Informed Spectral Models and Evolutionary Learning.

2 PhD studentships are available to start as soon as possible at the
University of Limerick, Ireland for the above project. The studentships
cover fees and a monthly stipend (tax-free) of 11,700 Euro for a duration of
3 years.

Applicants must be EU nationals, and have some background in either one or
all of Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Neural Networks or Music.

The project involves three main strands. The strands being 1) DSP & Hidden
Markov Models, 2) Evolutionary Learning, and 3) Cognitive and Neural
The open positions are in areas 2 and 3 above.

Applicants are encouraged to forward their CV's and a statement of their
research interests and background  to either:


Closing date for applications is 10 June 2005.