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Instrument Databases

Dear List


I am looking for available databases of instruments to use in research.


I have found three: McGill, RWC, Iowa. Are there any others? And does anyone know if RWC separates vibrato and non vibrato pieces?


McGill   US$50

            Clearly describes recording methods

            Variety of styles (loudness, vibrato, etc.) but does not appear to be an exhaustive corpus

            Does not differentiate different instruments, performers, (near as I can tell)

            2 DVDs


RWC    US$150

            Designed for research

            Differentiates performers, (3), instrument manufacturer, Loudness, (3 levels).

            Differentiates vibrato and non vibrato?

            Huge - 12 DVDs


Iowa      Free


            Variety of instruments

            Has some vibrato/non vibrato pieces of the same instrument.

            Does not differentiate different instruments, performers.

            Loudness (3 levels)


Jerry Gregoire