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Re: Soundproof room for birds

Perhaps you're already familiar with this, but Ofer Tchernichovski provides
details for building inexpensive avian anechoic chambers, including his
choice of foam, at:


Michael Coen

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Dear list,

We are trying to figure out the best way to build soundproof rooms for
songbird research. We can buy some for about $900 and we think we might
be able to fill our needs for less. We just need a relatively small room
(2-3 feet--0.6-1 m--square) The latest idea we've seen is to line
portable food coolers with acoustic foam. My question is what
material(s) are our best options with which to line the "rooms" (with
the possibility of adding more material outside. Ideal properties for
the material include thin, inexpensive, and easy to clean--although we
realize not all may be possible in the same material. We are as
interested in keeping internal sounds in (approx. 70-90 dB) as in
keeping exernal sounds out. Thanks in advance for any ideas!



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