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PhD scholarship, MARCS Auditory Labs, Sydney

PhD scholarship in Sydney, Australia

PhD study scholarship available to work with Prof. Catherine Best, Chair in
Psycholinguistic Research at MARCS Auditory Laboratories in Sydney,
Australia. MARCS is a growing centre of research excellence at the
University of Western Sydney, Bankstown campus, to which Prof. Best has
recently relocated. It is an exciting, well-equipped, multi-lab,
multi-disciplinary research centre staffed be a team of researchers,
post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, research assistants and support
personnel. MARCS research endeavors include a wide range of studies on human
auditory perception, including speech & language, music and dance, basic
auditory processes, human factors research pertaining to processing of
auditory and visual signals, hearing and hearing impairment, and emotional
and other forms of communication that engage the auditory and audio-visual

The research grant that supports this scholarship focuses on cross-language
speech perception studies with adults and/or infants-toddlers. Please bring
this opportunity to the attention of recent graduates or MA students who may
be interested in doing doctoral studies on this topic in Sydney. Sydney is a
large multi-cultural and multi-linguistic metropolitan centre that offers an
unusually rich range of opportunities for cross-language research.

For further information please go to the following web site: