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Re: Directional characteristics of the human voice

Hi Angelique,

Prof. Angelo Farina and his team are doing research on that area. They
recently published at the 118 AES Convention in Barcelona, a paper about
directional characteristics of the voice inside cars, presenting several
manequins with loudspeakers attached.

The paper is:

"Balloons of Directivity of Real and Artificial Mouth Used in Determining
Speech Transmission Index", preprint 6492

He use to publish his paper on his website:


However, that paper is not there yet, but I'm sure you can find
other interesting material about the topic there, or ask him for a copy.



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On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Scharine, Angelique (Civ,ARL/HRED) wrote:

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> Subject: Directional characteristics of the human voice
> I'm hoping that someone could help me find articles describing the directional characteristics of the human voice. I'm selecting loudspeakers for an experiment, and I want to be sure that they replicate the directionality of human speech. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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