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Re: AUDITORY Digest - 15 Jun 2005 to 16 Jun 2005 (#2005-116)


I remember Jyri Huopaniemi's Ph.D. thesis which had some polar plots of
directivity of the mouth for a head, torso, and mouth simulator (one of
B&K's if I'm not wrong).  He also proposes a clever method utilising the
reciprocity principle to carry out measurements on the dummy. However a
fundamental difficulty with those data IMO is that it is not possible to
modify the shape of the mouth simulator of the particular dummy for
different sounds that a real human mouth produce.

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> Some work on sound source directivity (mouth and others) has also been done
> at HUT (Finland)
> You can check their online puplications:
> www.acoustics.hut.fi/publications/ files/theses/halkosaari_mst/
> halkosaari_mst.pdf
> Cheers,