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Re: illustration needed (PRAAT & Audacity)

For my book, "What is Music? Solving a Scientific Mystery"
(http://whatismusic.info), I used PRAAT, (http://www.praat.org) which is
licensed under the GPL, to create spectrograms of myself talking a
phrase and singing the same phrase ("Twinkle twinkle little star").
PRAAT is easy enough to use, and you can output the spectrogram as an
EPS file. You can see the spectrograms I made in the book's online
preview (page 52 out of 134).

Audacity can also do spectrograms.

Philip Dorrell.

Toth Laszlo wrote:

On Sat, 18 Jun 2005, Denis Donovan wrote:

Does anyone have a good B&W illustration of a spectrographic
representation of the human speech stream that illustrates well the
nondiscreteness of 'words' -- that I could use, with appropriate
credit given, in a book?

Why don't you create your own? There are quite many software that can record speech signals and create their spectrogram - and then you won't have to give credit.

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