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Exporting Spectrogram Data as a 3d dataset


I am attempting to export all of the information used to generate a spectrogram to create a 3-d sculptural sound/art project.

Im trying to export time, amplitude and spectral information for a short sample. I would use the information in a 3d modelling package such as Rhino, and then export it for modelling in actual form using a 3d printer or other methods. The end result would be similar to a spectrogram or waterfall/3d spectrogram display but in a physical, topographical contoured form.

I've been attempting to export this data from praat and havent had any luck. Does anyone have any idea what software I could use? I presume its not to hard to export the data as a set of related numbers, as this would be what is used to generate the spectrogram display in the first place?

Thanks for your help,