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Re: perceptual audio quality measures

Hi Emmanuel,
You can download software and documents for PEAQ (and its narrowband
counterpart PESQ) on  ITU's (International Telecommunication Union) website.
You should login as a guest user and as a guest  you can download up to 6
software and/or documents per year.
The PESQ is standardized as P.862 and the PSQM is standardized as P.861,
Hope this will help.


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Objet : perceptual audio quality measures

Dear list,

I am seeking an algorithm to measure the audio quality provided by a
parametric sinusoidal coder. I heard about PSNR, PAQM and PEAQ in the
literature but I'm not sure they suit my needs.

Does someone know:
- what are the state-of-the art algorithms for perceptual audio quality
evaluation ?
- are they relevant for sinusoidal coders ? (i.e. are their results still
valid when sines are resynthesized with random initial phase)
- where can I find/buy an implementation of these algorithms ?

Thank you in advance for your help,
Best regards,

Emmanuel Vincent
Research Assistant
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