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Re: Streaming and temporal accuracy


It's old stuff but it might give you a starting point:
Divenyi, P. L. & Danner, W. F. (1977). "Discrimination of time intervals marked by brief acoustic pulses of various intensities and spectra", Perception and Psychophysics 21, 125-142.
Divenyi, P. L. & Sachs, R. M. (1978). "Discrimination of time intervals bounded by tone bursts", Perception and Psychophysics 24, 429-436.

Good luck,


Dear Colleagues,

My students and I are preparing to do a quantitative study of the
inaccuracy of temporal coordination between stream-segregated sound
patterns. Do you have advice regarding the best procedure to use (and
perhaps a pointer to the paper that you think offers the best evidence
for this inaccuracy)?

Perhaps you could cc me when replying to the list.