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Music and tonal languages test

Dear list members,

We are now doing a research on music and tonal languages to better understand
the links that may exist between language and music. We want to know if tonal
language speakers are better for perceiving music than non-tonal language
speakers. So, we made an internet test for those of you who speak either
Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Taiwanese, Thai or Vietnamese. We would
appreciate if you could take approximately 20 min of your time to respond to

The URL is: http://www.brams.umontreal.ca/amusia-tonal/
and the code is : TONA24

Thank you in advance!

Jean-Philippe Mailhot

Laboratory of Neuropsychology of Music and Cognitive Auditory  (LNMCA), under
Professor Isabelle Peretz?s directory.