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Re: Unix play command

I'm not on my MacOS X box right now, and it's quite a long time that I
looked at audio capabilities of MacOS, so I may be wrong or outdated.
As far as I can remember, /dev/snd doesn't exists on MacOS, you should
use CoreAudio instead.

Practically speaking, you may try this:

Hope this helps,

On 7/12/05, beaucham <beaucham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Practically every Unix system I've used since about 1990 sports a play
> command that simply plays back a file without the need for a special
> GUI app -- including Linux. Some of them even had record commands. I
> find this very convenient, especially when working with shell scripts
> and simple C programs. However, my OS X 10.1 Terminal app (which
> emulates a Unix terminal) doesn't do it. Does anyone know if more
> recent OS X systems do?
> Jim