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Seeking Product Developer/Manager for Consumer Electronics Device

Dear List,

We're seeking an executive or manager to develop a product for a consumer
electronics startup.  The venture is well funded and based in New York.

We're looking for someone who has developed in the past audio,
telecommunications, or computer devices (such as remote controls, speech
recognition devices, electronic door locks, modems or similar components) to
work for 6-12 months full-time as an independent contractor.  His/her
responsibilities will include reviewing and testing existing technology and
hardware, producing a ?breadboard? prototype based on our functional design,
testing the reliability of the selected embedded components on at least 200
untrained subjects, persuading me and my partners that the device can be
manufactured in quantity at the costs we envisage, and during the technical
development period outlined above, exploring with telephone companies, VARs,
distributors and retailers the potential channels of distribution for the
product. If these initial studies appear promising, the responsibilities
will extend to setting up a new company with appropriate personnel to
finalize the development and commercialization of the product.

Please respond with your resume and cover letter including salary
requirements (if you choose).

Daniel Gastel