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IEEE SP Magazine: Call for Articles on DSP Patents

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine


                         Call for Articles on DSP Patents                                          


     IEEE Signal Processing Magazine will publish a new column called DSP Patents. Technical patents are often written in terms of claims and legal jargons. Technical oriented readers often find it difficult to understand the real technical issues addressed by a given patent.  The objective of this column is to review newly issued DSP-related patents and their applications using a style that is easily understandable by a DSP engineer. It is required that each article will cover the following aspects of a patent:


1.      Problem statement: What problem is addressed in this invention and why is it important?

2.      Prior art: What have been done so far, and why existing solutions are insufficient?

3.      Technical description: Describe, in easily understood style, the solution presented in this invention.

4.      Claims: In technical terms, explain the originality contribution of the proposed solution that is protected by this patent.

5.      Comments: Discuss possible alternate solutions that may serve similar functions and possible future innovations.


The length of the article is limited to one to two printed pages (up to six double-space type-written pages). The authors could be either the inventors of the patent or experts in the related areas. If the authors are inventors, the article will be reviewed by a thirty party expert and the editor. If the authors are not inventors of the patent, the article will be forwarded to inventors for review.


     Prospective authors for this column should email their submission to associate editor: Dr. Fa-Long Luo via email address: f.luo@xxxxxxxx. The submission should also provide the issued patent number or official application file number, and related date information.


     The associate Editor of the DSP Patents column is:


Dr. Fa-Long Luo

Chief Scientist

Anyka, Inc.

50 Airport Parkway

San Jose, CA 95110