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Job Announcement - Director of Research, Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Please see the announcement below:

Director of Research (Research Audiologist)


We anticipate having a position for a senior-level researcher in auditory science to serve as Director of Research at the Army Audiology and Speech Center, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D.C. The position will be available in January, 2006. It is a fully funded federal government position within Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  The Director of Research has overall responsibility for all research programs within the Army Audiology and Speech Center, although the focus of the position is the Research Section.  This Section consists of 10-15 staff members, depending on funding levels.  Six of the positions are permanently funded by the Medical Center, including the Director, four other senior research positions, and one Research Assistant position. The other positions within the labs are postdoctoral fellows and other support personnel salaried by competitive external funding.  The primary duties of the Director are administration of the Research Section, personnel management, research, and other professional activities.  The incumbent will carry on an active program of clinical and/or basic research in hearing.  The salary is competitive, benefits are excellent and the work environment is exceptional.  Candidates for the position must have a doctoral degree in audiology, hearing science, or a related field, and must have at least 10 years of experience conducting research in hearing.  A publication record indicative of research productivity, and a consistent history of attracting extramural funding are also necessary.  Walter Reed Army Medical Center is the flagship of the US Army health care system, and is located in a residential area of northwest Washington DC, adjacent to Rock Creek Park, near the Maryland suburbs.   For further information, or to discuss this position, please contact the current Director of Research, Dr. Brian E. Walden, at (202)782-8601, email:  Brian.Walden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. 

Ken W. Grant

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Army Audiology and Speech Center
Building 2, Room 6A53C
Washington, DC 20307-5001

Work: 202-782-8596
Fax: 202-782-9228

email: grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx