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Re: Sound Booth Purchase


In your place I would look for sound booths discarded by clinics/hospitals that have recently closed their doors. Usually they would give them to you for free if you volunteer to haul them away. Look at military bases that recently closed -- your best bet.


At 12:01 PM 8/8/2005, Michael S. Gordon wrote:
Dear list,

        I need to purchase a sound booth to do some audiometric and psychophysical testing, but have a somewhat limited budget (need to spend less than $7000). If possible I would like to find a booth that is large enough to set up both free-field and headphone presentations.

        Do any of you have thoughts on where to find inexpensive, double walled booths? If any of you are replacing old booths, or have a booth that is no longer in use I would certainly appreciate hearing from you as well!


Mike Gordon


Michael S. Gordon, Ph. D.
Department of Psychology
University of South Alabama
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