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Music and Consciousness conference

Conference on Music and Consciousness
24­26 February 2006, University of Sheffield, UK

A conference jointly organised by The University of Sheffield Department of
Music and The University of Newcastle¹s International Centre for Music

Sponsored by the Society for Music Analysis (SMA) and the European Society
for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM).


The last 10 years or so have seen the emergence of consciousness studies as
a multi-disciplinary field of inquiry, partly driven by rapid developments
in the neurosciences, but also stimulated by renewed interest within
philosophy and the arts and humanities more generally. There is a long
history of thought about the relationship between music and consciousness,
and this conference is intended as a forum to bring together the diverse
fields within which that thinking has gone on. The aim of the conference is
therefore to approach the subject in as broad and inclusive a manner as
possible, to provide an opportunity to discover different ways in which the
relationship has been theorised and described, and to propose some of the
ways in which future research and practice might develop. The conference
will consist entirely of plenary sessions so as to enable the most inclusive
and wide-ranging participation, and significant amounts of time will be
allocated for discussion.

Given overlapping terminology and different intellectual traditions,
proposals are invited for papers addressing any aspects of music and
consciousness, music and subjectivity, music and altered states, music and
subjective experience, and the historical and cultural mediations of
thinking about music and consciousness.


Abstracts for papers of 30 minutes duration should be sent by email to
e.f.Clarke@xxxxxxxxxx or d.i.Clarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, bearing in mind the
following guidelines:
* abstract of not more than 200 words
* include your institutional affiliation and provide clear contact details

You will be notified of the outcome by 11 November 2005.

Conference directors: David Clarke (University of Newcastle, UK), Eric
Clarke (University of Sheffield, UK)