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Re: Current status of automatic speech recognition in car

Hi Yadong,

Indeed, this is a topic of active research!  Most work seems to be
published at Interspeech, which is coming up next month.  Off the top of
my head I know of research programs at UIUC, MIT, Tsinghua, UCSD, and
the University of Saarlandes.

Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Yadong Wang wrote:
Dear Fellows,

Can anybody summarize the current status of automatic speech recognition in
envirement? Is there any conference on this topic in the near future?

One of reasons that I am asking this silly question is because I haven't get
any interesting
message from this famous email list for awhile. All on vacation now?


Yadong Wang,  Dr.
Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Lab
University of Maryland