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Re: Effect of duration on pitch perception

Dear Dr. Drennan,

In the book "Signals, Sound, and Sensation"
by William M. Hartmann (Springer, 1998),
there is about one page on pitch difference
limen experiments: Chapter 13, second half
of the section "Pitch of Short Tones"
(pages 319--320 in my copy). Several references
to articles in journals are given there.

Reinhart Frosch.

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>From: "Ward R. Drennan" <drennan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject:      Effect of duration on pitch perception
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>Does anyone know of published data that shows the effect
>of tone duration on the ability to discriminate pitch
>(mostly pure tones, but could be any complex stimuli)?
>We're looking for some minimum duration required to
>achieve maximal sensitivity to pitch.
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