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Re: Call for participation: Software tools for expressive music performance

Dear Dr Bresin,

I am very interested in the availability of software for expressive music
performance, but unfortunately I am unable to attend the conference.

Thus, I would be extremely grateful, if you could kindly inform me the
outcome of the panel session regarding the availability of software for
expressive music performance after the conference, so that I can make
contacts to software developers, if necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Ju-Lee Hong
Goldsmiths College, University of London
email: jl.hong@xxxxxxxxxx
phone: +44 (0)7960 810775

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Subject: Call for participation: Software tools for expressive music

Apologies for cross-posting.
Please forward this message to potentially interested researchers.

Call for participation in panel session and submission of automatic
expressive music performances.

Date: Monday, September 5th, 17:30
Url: http://www.icmc2005.org/index.php?selectedPage=121

This panel is held concurrently with RENCON 2005. RENCON (Contest for
Performance Rendering Systems) is an annual international event that
began in 2002. Its goal is to foster research into computational models
of and methods for the generation of expressive music performances.

The winner of RENCON 2005 will be announced during the panel. An
analysis of the performances participating in the competition will also
be presented.

Please visit the RENCON website for more information about the 2005
contest and for submitting your contribution,
Deadline for submissions to RENCON 2005 is August 8, 2005.

Roberto Bresin

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