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Re: Upper/lower freq bounds for speech M/F/children ??

Traditionally, telephone line response has been
limited to 300-3000 Hz.  On the low end, the
voice fundamental is cut off (at least for most males)
but we don't notice it because the harmonics are
there for a good "missing fundamental" effect.
On the high end you only lose a bit from the
sibilants, in exchange for removing a lot of
background noise.

Best regards,

On 7 Sep 2005 at 9:59, Richard H. wrote:

> Hi,
> Hearing aids can boost frequencies up to about 8KHz.
> However very low frequencies and higher frequencies do not need to be boosted because they are outside the main speech areas.
> However can anyone suggest a pragmatic lower & upper bound "cutoff" frequency where we don't really need to boost speech sounds?
> The upper speech frequency of very young, female speakers I assume would be the upper limit ... does anyone know this frequency?
> How about the lower end? What low frequencies do we not need to boost? I assume this would correspond to the lowest freq edge of a deep adult male voice.
> Thanks!
> Richard

Bob Masta