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Speaker Recognition using nasality


this is described in:

Lo Soun Su, K. S. Fu:"Identification of speakers by use of nasal
coarticulation" JASA Vol.56, No.6 (Dec. 1974)


Nachricht geschrieben von Tarun Pruthi
Hi all,

I wanted to find out if anyone has worked on speaker recognition using 
nasality in nasalized vowel, or nasal consonantal regions as a cue. Is 
that possible? Is a person's nasal signature really so unique that it can 
be used for speaker recognition? Are there any papers out there which show 
a link between uniqueness in the phsiological structure of the nasal 
cavity (including the sinuses), and uniqueness in the acoustic domain?

Any pointers to relevant papers for/against the idea will be very helpful.

With warm regards,