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Re: NonIntrusive Audio Quality Assessment

  For subjective tests on audio quality you may find
this one helpful :

ITU-R. Recommendation BS.1116, "Methods for subjective
assessment of small impairment in audio systems including
multichannel sound systems"

If you are aware of other references I would be interestd
to know.

Thanks and regards,
Pinaki S. Chanda

On Wed, 05 Oct 2005 Dermot Martin Campbell wrote :
>I am a new memebr to the group.
>I am currently starting some research into the area of audio quality. I
>know that many papers have been done on speech quality but I have found
>nothing on 'audio' (speech and music) quality through Non Intrusive means.
>Can anyone tell me of any work done or been done in Objective NonIntrusive
>Audio Quality assessment.??
>Regards and Thanks,
>Dermot Campbell, Student.