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Re: NonIntrusive Audio Quality Assessment

Here is one thread you might pursue:  perceptual evaluation of audio

http://www.peaq.org/  (work on an objective measure that matches human
perceptual experiments)

Thilo Thiede, William C. Treurniet, Roland Bitto, Christian Schmidmer,
Thomas Sporer, John G. Beerends, Catherine Colomes, Michael Keyhl, Gerhard
Stoll, Karlheinz Brandenburg, and Bernhard Feiten,
"PEAQ-The ITU Standard for Objective Measurement of Perceived Audio Quality"
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 48:1/2, Jan/Feb 2000.
Audio data compression systems rely on algorithms that exploit the
psychoacoustic properties of the human auditory system. Subjective
evaluations of their overall effectiveness can be expensive as well as time
consuming. This presents the need for an objective measurement method which
models the sensory and cognitive processes underlying subjective ratings.
This paper describes the ITU-R recommended "Method for Objective
Measurements of Perceived Audio Quality," and its effectiveness in achieving
its functional goals. 

William C. Treurniet and Gilbert A. Soulodre,
"Evaluation of the ITU-R Objective Audio Quality Measurement Method"
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society 48:3, March 2000.
The subject of this study was the assessment of the PEAQ (perceptual
evaluation of audio quality) method's ability to predict and correlate the
results of subjective tests conducted according to ITU-R BS-1116. An
additional goal was to determine PEAQ's ability to correctly rank the
performance quality of various codecs. The PEAQ system was also evaluated as
an aid to selecting appropriate audio listening materials for use in
subjective listening tests. 


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> Hello,
> I am a new memebr to the group.
> I am currently starting some research into the area of audio 
> quality. I
> know that many papers have been done on speech quality but I 
> have found
> nothing on 'audio' (speech and music) quality through Non 
> Intrusive means.
> Can anyone tell me of any work done or been done in Objective 
> NonIntrusive
> Audio Quality assessment.??
> Regards and Thanks,
> Dermot Campbell, Student.