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Re: vibration and rainfall

Dear Matt,

on Charles Spence's recommendation I got an Oticon "bone conductor" as vibrotactile device which I used to vibrate finger tips of human volunteers in a psychophysics study on multi-sensory integration. That worked rather well. You can download the paper from www.physiol.ox.ac.uk/~jan/SchnuppDawePollackEBR2005.pdf if you are interested.


Matt Marble wrote:

hello all,

i am curious if anyone knows where i might be able to purchase a fairly inexpensive vibrotactile transducer with a fairly wide frequency range? Also, what research is currently being done with this technology? i know of Chladni's and Jenny's work with visualized vibratory phenomena and of Bekesy's work with sensory inhibition - but that's not so recent (though no less significant!).

Also i am planning a comparative acoustical analysis of rainfall on land. Is there any other such studies (i know of the work on ocean rainfall)? Perhaps from the Ecological Psychoacoustics folks? In any case... Thanks,


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