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frequency discrimination in newborns

Dear list,

I am working on a project studying frequency discrimination in newborn with 
ERPs (MMN) and I?d like to ask for help with the literature regarding 
newborn frequency discrimination, especially with behavioral methods. The 
references I found so far (Leventhal et al. 1964, Trehub et al. 1973) 
report no statistically significant frequency discrimination for tones in 
newborns. But those studies are rather old. Are there more recent studies 
on frequency discrimination with behavioral methods in newborns? 
Thank you very much in advance for any information.
Nikolai Novitski, M.Sci., graduate student;
Cognitive Brain Research Unit, Department of Psychology, P.O.B. 9,
00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
Phone +358-9-191 29502; Fax +358-9-191 29450