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Re: Rhythm perception


I would say that finding the downbeat comes after beat induction. First you
discover the beat than the number of beats per bar and than the most salient
beat in the bar, which should be the down-beat (which other beat could it
be?). Of course what makes that beat salient can depend on a number of
perceptual and perhaps cultural factors. (looking at the score, if it
exists, could be such a factor). I hope this discussion can bring some light
on the definitions that we use.


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I guess the problem you refer to is "beat induction": how do  
listeners arrive at a metrical interpretion when listening to a  
rhythm. H.C. Longuet-Higgins was one of the first to address the  
problem in a computational way (see H.C. Longuet-Higgings, Mental  
Proceses. Studies in cognitive sciences, MIT press, 1987). The  
literature since then is vast, approaching the problem with a wide  
variety of computational paradigms (see, e.g., * for an overview, or  
the papers in the "foot-tapping" session at ICMC 1992; **).

Henkjan Honing

*  http://www.hum.uva.nl/mmm/abstracts/dh-100.html
** http://www.hum.uva.nl/mmm/mmm-2003/fun/beat.html

On 15 Nov 2005, at 13:40, John ffitch wrote:

> We were discussing rhythm patterns the other day and the question came
> up about how one determined the start of a pattern.  If there is a
> heavy emphasis on one beat of the sequence then I can understand that
> that is taken as the first beat.
>   But if the sequence is unemphasised how does one decide?  Or do
> people decide differently, or is it cultural?
> I am not sure where to start to look -- as ever this is outside my
> general field of study -- but I though this list might be the place
> to ask for clues.
> I hope I have explained the question sufficiently!
> ==John ffitch


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