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Question about In-Ear Microphones

You can do very well using the Knowles FG capsules.  These are hearing
aid capsules that measure 2.5mm X 2.5mm and the FG-3329 and FG-3629
types have a frequency response that is quite flat and very low noise
for the size.  They can be purchased in the US from Digikey
for US$25.25 in single quantity.  For me, in the US, the Sennheiser
capsules are essentially impossible to obtain.  For you, in the UK, it
may be different.  If I can help out, please feel free to contact me

I wonder if anyone has a web page which details the difficulties and the
actual how-to-do-it parts of HRTF measurement?

Eric Benjamin

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Dear List,

I need to purchase a pair of in-ear microphones for doing HRTF
measurements. I found a couple of threads suggesting the Sennheiser KE 4
to be a suited mic to do the job but the threads were from 1995. So I
was wondering if anybody knew of other (better? cheaper?) alternatives
available nowadays. I also would be thankful for any hint where I can
buy any of them.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Martin Ostermayer

Martin Ostermayer
RA, School of Psychology
University of Reading
Reading, RG6 6AL, UK

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