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Re: Questions on Etymotic ER-30 insert earphones

Hi John,

and thank you for your reply and comments. I couldn't agree with you more about the costs and the limitations you mentioned, but do you happen to know of any other insert earphone system that could offer a better frequency response and still offers background noise attenuation? We also have the STAX MRI model in our lab, electrostatic in the ear headphones, which are really good quality, but unfortunately offer no hearing protection and for our tight coil using earmuffs is out of the question ... so ... any suggestions of a better model or solution?

Thank you very much for the help,

John Culling wrote:

We have looked into the ER-30s. There are two things about the ER-30 that make them seem a bit unattractive. One is that they seem to have
a poor frequency response with a steep low-pass characteristic. The
other is that they appear to simply be ER-3s with very long tubes
attached and an MRI-compatible price tag. If this is the case, then one
is being expected to pay several hundred dollars for the tubes.