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Re: underwater listening

On 29-Mar-06, at 1:44 PM, kent walker wrote:

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Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 11:20:13 +0000
From: Andre Castro <andre_castro83@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Although that has not been an easy job, recording in pools
ponds and small rivers, using homemade hydrophones both with piezzo
transducers and dynamic mics. However results have been quite stimulating=
the work.

Dear Andre,

Although I have never tried it myself, I have heard from a few Hollywood sound designers that the Electrovoice 635ND (http:// www.electrovoice.com/Electrovoice3/products.nsf/pages/635ND-) covered by a plastic bag and a couple of elastics makes a decent affordable hydrophone.

And the ideal "plastic bag" is in fact a condom.

Use a high-quality, non-lubricated, non-ribbed condom (most of the characteristics that make condoms good for their intended purpose also make them good for underwater recording). If you want to make it fully waterproof you may need to do some tests using a cheap mic. Latex or some other sealant may help to make it waterproof.

There is some useful information here: