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Re: music mood

Hello Luis,

My work focuses on the reverse of this problem, influencing musical emotions (e.g., make "happier"). This is achieved with a computational model that modifies musical features in real-time (tempo, key, mode, articulation, etcetera). Consequently, such features can also assist in determining a work's 'mood', as suggested by Joanna. This work is similar to the pDM extension by Friberg (referenced previously).

Livingstone, S. R. & Brown, A. R. (2005). Dynamic Response: Real-Time Adaptation for Music Emotion. Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment.



Steven R. Livingstone, BSc (Phy), BInfTech (hons), PhD incarcer

Luis Diez wrote:
Hi Everyone,
This is my first post to this list, I hope this issue hasn't been spoken about in the past, although it didn't show up in a search of the archives. My name is Luis Diez, I am a doctoral student in the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain) in the economics department.
I am looking for models or software to analyze music and somehow 'calculate' a measure of its' mood (maybe following Thayer's model?).
Would anybody happen to know whether this exists?
Thanks in advance,