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Re: music mood

Hi Luis,

you may find related publications in the ISMIR conference proceedings
(for a cumulative list, see here: http://www.ismir.net/all-papers.html).
You could also try to post your question on the Music-IR mailing list

Kind regards,

Luis Diez wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> This is my first post to this list, I hope this issue hasn't been spoken
> about in the past, although it didn't show up in a search of the archives. 
> My name is Luis Diez, I am a doctoral student in the Universidad Rey
> Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain) in the economics department.
> I am looking for models or software to analyze music and somehow
> 'calculate' a measure of its' mood (maybe following Thayer's model?).
> Would anybody happen to know whether this exists?
> Thanks in advance,
> Luis

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