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Re: auditory environmental ID test

Hi Robert,

There is such a test, the Familiar Sounds Recognition Test, part of the Test of Basic Auditory Abilities, developed at Indiana University by Chuck Watson, Gary Kidd and myself. It tests the identification of 25 common environmental sounds at six different S/N in a 3AFC format. It has been run on over 300 people so norms are available and it has been shown to have good reliability. Contact Chuck at watson@xxxxxxxxxxx or Gary at kidd@xxxxxxxxxxx for a copy of the materials. The results have been written up and submitted for review.

Brian Gygi
East Bay Institute for Research and Education
Martinez, CA

Robert Zatorre wrote:
Dear list

A colleague of mine is looking for a multiple-choice auditory environmental identification/recognition test. Does anyone know if such a test already exists? The idea would be quite simple: subjects hear a target sound, and have to choose from a list of, say 4 items, what might have made the sound. I suspect many people may have created versions of something like this, but I don't know if anyone has published a formal version of it, with norms, etc.

If anyone knows of anything like that, please let me know.

Many thanks