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AW: the seven wonders of hearing

Hello Matt and List,

Finally I can give a fairly short answer: Of your seven
wonders, I strongly prefer Nr. 7, active TW -- but only
if the active part of the TW is restricted to a short
x_b-region (typically 0.4 mm in gerbils, and not 4 mm
as I wrote 45 minutes ago!) on the basal slope of the
active peak.


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In no particular order :

a] Oscillators: Van Der Pol type oscillators, which I
    believe began with Johannesma [1]
b] Squirting wave: Andrew Bell's Organ of Corti squirting
    amplifier [2]
c] Dual resonance: Martin Braun's dual resonance
    model [3]
d] Feedback amp.: Zwicker's feedback amplifier [4]
e] Hopf amplifier: Hopf bifurcation augmenting the travelling
    wave [5,6]
f] Active TW: Active travelling wave amplifiers - of which I 
    believe there are many, I reference only one [7]
g] Active CW: Active compression wave amplifier. Of which
    I have seen no complete models - as of yet.

Matt [...]