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Re: AW: Cochlea Amplifier models : a new list

Quoting "reinifrosch@xxxxxxxxxx" <reinifrosch@xxxxxxxxxx>:

I have no problem with Bekesey's PASSIVE
travelling wave... it is a good thing he won a Nobel peace
prize for it ... in my opinion. To us he is like Newton.
Would you agree ? A g-dfather of Auditory physics.

Yes, I think both Sir Isaac and von BÃkÃsy ...

Do not equate quite different kinds of nobility. For instance Gericke or Siemens got enobled for excellent scientific work and other merits. I know for sure that von Neumann's nobility was simply a bought title. I suspect his compatriot von BÃkÃsy a nobleman of the same sort.

Do not glorify anybody. Even Nweton and Leibniz were mocking each other. Newton believed that god has to wind up a big clock again and again. His proponent argued: Leibniz makes god redundant and himself at the brink of godlessness. While the work by Newton and Leibniz indeed was fundamental, the guesswork by v. BÃkÃsy was unfounded, wrong and misleading. Perhaps the real grandfather of cochlear physics was von Helmholtz, even if he defended the wrong position by Ohm and he wrongly excluded the possibility of local resonance for incomplete physiological reasons.

Eckard Blumschein