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Re: Pointers to snoring sounds?

Dear Bruce,

We had a paper on a potentially related topic a couple of years ago (sorry
for self-promotion):

Shafiro, V. & Gygi, B. (2004). How to select stimuli for environmental
sound research and where to find them? Behavioral Research Methods,
Instruments, and Computers, 36 (4),590 - 598.

It lists some sources of environmental sounds we could find at the time.  I
can send you a copy if you are interested.

Since then Brian and I have been trying to compile a collection of
environmental sounds for research use and place them as part of this site
http://freesound.iua.upf.edu which also has many sound and scene recordings
(of variable quality) you may find useful.  Hopefully, at some point we
will have a large database of environmental sound and scene recordings
available for research use, similar to the ones available for speech and
music.  But that is still work in progress.

Also, I think Arlene Neuman at NYU Medical Center made a CD with recordings
of different auditory environments for hearing aid evaluation.

Best regards,


Valeriy Shafiro
Communication Disorders and Sciences
Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, IL

office (312) 942 - 3298
lab    (312) 942 - 3316
email: valeriy_shafiro@xxxxxxxx

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Subject: Pointers to snoring sounds?

Auditory Community,

I am looking for any pointers to collections or archives of real-
world audio or video clips of snoring.

In fact, I will also be looking for all kinds of daily life sounds,
ranging from birds chirping to ambulances to dishwashers.

The sounds or video need to be good quality, real-world, and royalty-
free. I already have collections of sound effects and foley sounds;
for this project I will need more "real-world" audio, and more
variety. I am particularly interested in ecological audio, where the
snoring, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, fire engine, etc., is recorded
in its natural acoustic environment, complete with competing
environmental sounds. For example, snoring recorded in a bedroom at
night, or a fire engine siren recorded live on the street, with other
traffic noise, jackhammers, and so on.

I recall a project a few years ago to capture sounds of the
world...any pointers/updates on that?

Any help would be most appreciated!


Bruce Walker, Ph.D.       bruce.walker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
School of Psychology            (404) 894-8265 (office)
Georgia Institute of Technology    (404) 894-8905 (fax)
654 Cherry Street,  Atlanta,  Georgia,  USA   30332-0170
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