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Pointers to snoring sounds?

Auditory Community,

I am looking for any pointers to collections or archives of real- world audio or video clips of snoring.

In fact, I will also be looking for all kinds of daily life sounds, ranging from birds chirping to ambulances to dishwashers.

The sounds or video need to be good quality, real-world, and royalty- free. I already have collections of sound effects and foley sounds; for this project I will need more "real-world" audio, and more variety. I am particularly interested in ecological audio, where the snoring, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, fire engine, etc., is recorded in its natural acoustic environment, complete with competing environmental sounds. For example, snoring recorded in a bedroom at night, or a fire engine siren recorded live on the street, with other traffic noise, jackhammers, and so on.

I recall a project a few years ago to capture sounds of the world...any pointers/updates on that?

Any help would be most appreciated!


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