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Using sound with a GIS

Hello to everyone on the list,
I'm interested in how sound (in conjunction with vision) can be used to 
show data in a GIS (Geographical Information System). A GIS is basically a 
computer based map, which allows users to view, edit and analysis 
geographical data. Google Earth is an example of a very basic GIS, which 
just allows you to view data. (Apologies if I'm preaching to the 
converted, but I wanted to make sure people know what I'm talking about!)
Specifically I'm looking for references which look at this use of sound. I 
have some already (see below) and would be very grateful if people could 
post any others they may have. 
MacVeigh, R. & Jacobson, R. D. (2007) Increasing the dimensionality of a 
Geographic Information System (GIS) Using Auditory Display. Proceedings of 
the 13th International Conference on Auditory Display. Montréal, Canada, 
26-29 June 2007.
Lodha, S. K., Wilson, C. M. & Sheehan, R. E. (1996) LISTEN: sounding 
uncertainty visualization, IEEE Visualization, Proceedings of the 7th 
conference on Visualization '96, San Francisco, California, United States.
Gluck, M. (2000) The Use of Sound for Data Exploration. Bulletin of The 
American Society for Information Science, 26(5):26-28.

Many Thanks,
Nick Bearman
University of Leicester