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Re: auditory distortion caused by yawning

I wouldn't imagine the hard cochlea being physically altered with just a yawn.  I would think it would have more to do with change in middle ear pressure and TM mobility...much like we yawn to open our Eustachian Tubes.

Harriet B. Jacobster, Au.D.
Board Certified in Audiology

Prof Roger K Moore wrote:
Dear List,

I have often noticed that if I yawn while listening to music, I experience a
noticeable distortion of the auditory experience - in particular, the sounds
appear to become discordant.  Is this a well known effect, and can it be
easily explained as the result of a physical distortion of the cochlea?  If
so, what does it say about timing-based theories of timbre perception?

Best wishes

Roger K. Moore

P.S.  I see that there was a short discussion on this in the LIST in 2004,
but no conclusion was reached.



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