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Re: auditory distortion caused by yawning

Dear List,

I have a similar experience when I listen to music after swimming in
an outdoor pool.  In my case, musical scale  would sound warped --
even a familiar C major chord sound dissonant momentarily.  The effect
would last for about 10 minutes.  I suppose it is not filtering or
attenuation effects due to water left in my ear canal.  Does anybody
have similar experiences or an explanation?

Have a nice weekend,

On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 10:56 AM, Prof Roger K Moore
<r.k.moore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear List,
> I have often noticed that if I yawn while listening to music, I experience a
> noticeable distortion of the auditory experience - in particular, the sounds
> appear to become discordant.  Is this a well known effect, and can it be
> easily explained as the result of a physical distortion of the cochlea?  If
> so, what does it say about timing-based theories of timbre perception?
> Best wishes
> Roger K. Moore
> P.S.  I see that there was a short discussion on this in the LIST in 2004,
> but no conclusion was reached.
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